Sunday, June 9, 2013

Indian Cow - A holy Cow with Medicinal Qualities

Now a days der is so many controversies for cow's milk,
Indian cow is different species den other cows n Dis Indian cow only contain some unique things in its milk dat its milk and other milk products r very much effective by health means.

Indian cow's ghee contain saturated fat,a good type of cholesterol dat body needs everyday.
A heart patients can also take d ghee under Ayurveda physician.

Indian Cow have different gene as compared to other country's cow.  All this cows r given different latin name according to der species.

Ayurveda text mentioned qualities of milk of Indian cow, its like--->>
अत्र गव्यं तु जीवनियं रसायनम् I

क्षतक्षिनहितं मेध्यं बल्यं स्तन्यकरं सरम I
श्रम भ्रम मद लक्ष्मी श्वास् कस अति तृट् क्षुधा : II
जीर्ण ज्वरम् मूत्रकृछं रक्तपित्तं च नाशयेत II  (अष्टान्ग ह्रदयं)

Cows milk is useful to rejuvenate the body, it gives life to body,can fight against cancer and TB and Asthma like diseases, It improves ur IQ level, make ur mind n brain alert, its beneficial to pregnant woman as it increase mother milk.

By consuming cow's milk ur weakness, giddiness such problems get rid out of ur body. It good to consume while ur thirsty or hungry.

Its good to consume in chronic fever, Kidney diseases, and various Skin diseases also. Its good in Various eye problems, various degenerative disorders, AIDS and so many diseases.
Researches r proved all the above mentioned things n all this alreadytold earlier by Ayurveda scholar in their ancient texts.

Ayurveda scholar mentioned it as a LAXMI, it means one who consume Indian cow's milk regularly, he/she never suffer of diseases and he/she become wealthy by all means.
Indian cow's milk and d milk products r used in various conditions according to Ayurveda. Panchagavya is unique combination of 5 products from cow.

so by this way Indian cow is d only cow in d world who have such a qualities to provide health by all means.
there is lots of information about Indian Cow and der qualities.I just put few things in simple words.

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