Monday, April 28, 2014

Relish with Raw Mango Dish (AAM PANNA)

As we all knows that Mango is King of All Fruits.
We usually eat ripe mango as it have delicious taste and great properties of Vitamin and Anti oxidants.
But In India people used to make a very special of its kind of Dish of Raw Mango.
Its called "Panna" in India.As Ayurveda also suggest this drink to consume in Summer to beat the Heat.If you drink a glass of this dis everyday i m sure you will not fall ill in summer.As it have great vitamine properties, Full of antioxidants, It acts on Urinary tract, Gastro intestinal tract and make u very very healthy in the summer.
Its lovely refreshing drink with cooling effects,contain balance of electrolytes,it quenches thirst and prevent loss of electrolytes in the heat,  good as blood purifier also, effective as home remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
This drink is good for our immune systems, Prevent so many diseases and acts as a very good tonic in the summer.
Lets see how we can make it at home--->>>
- Take 3 Medium sized green Mangoes.
- Pressure cook the mangoes for 8 o 10 mins. (or another way is to cook the mangoes in microwave / or u can roast the whole mangoes over an open flame,till the skin get charred,n the flesh is soft)
- Now Peel the skin and remove the pulp of mangoes, discard the seeds.
- Use a hand blender and blend the pulp. Don’t make a complete puree of it. Allow some of the pulp to be there for that natural, fresh pulpy feeling.
- Pour into a vessel. Add sugar as per taste, Black salt, Freshly roasted and ground cumin powder n blend it till smooth.(you can mix 2 spoon of the herb UShir / Vala / Viteveria  zizanioedis in it to have gr8 taste,aroma n more health benefits)
- Once you have mixed the sugar and the spices, taste it if anything is required, add them else you can pour this into clean bottles and store in the refrigerator.
- You can store the extra pulp in the refrigerator up to 5-7 days in an airtight glass or plastic container.
- Add 4-5 tbsps in a tall glass, some cold water to top it up. Throw in a few cubes of ice and garnish with mint leaves and Enjoy a cool and refreshing healthy drink.


  1. This looks and sounds so good. Being a mango lover myself I will surely try out this recipe, with so many health benefits though, who wouldn't.

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