Panchkarma Therapies

What is Panchakarama?

Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.Its a part of Ayurveda Treatments.

Literally translated from Sanskrit as "five actions", Panchkarma is a deep cleansing and rejuvenation program for enhancing longevity and vitality.
In ayurveda, Pancha Karma therapy is considered a complete, holistic approach to the elimination of the root cause of each and every chronic health problem.

The great sage and healer, Acharya Charaka, has described that imbalances in doshas can be pacified by
shamana therapies (palliation methods) such as administration of herbo-mineral supplements, lifestyle changes, adopting fasting, etc., but that deep-rooted imbalances in doshas can be completely eliminated by the administration of shodhana therapies (purification methods), such as panchakarma.

Using traditional ayurvedic methods, we provide affordable panchakarma with its maximum benefits.

Panchakarma is not for all, but for those who are completely committed to all phases of the panchakarma program.
One must undergo a pre-cleansing program (Poorva Karma), main cleansing program (Pradhana Karma) and post cleansing program (Paschat Karma).

"The value of Pancha Karma is that it offers systematic treatment for dislodging and flushing toxins from every cell, using the same organs of elimination that the body naturally employs -- sweat glands, blood vessels, the urinary tract and the intestines."

Lets see which are they---


Snehan (Oleation of body) -

Medicated oils and ghee (clarified butter) are used for snehan.
According to Ayurveda the Ghee have a characteristic of penetrating human body deeply. Once The Ghee reaches to fine space between cells, all the fat soluble impurities are dissolved in Ghee and finally the Ghee is thrown in to rectum by the body.
The Ghee containing Impurities is eliminated by VIRECHAN (Purgation). VIRECHAN is obtained by electro-balanced purgatives, so the balance of electrolytes is maintained in body in spite of induced diarrhea.

Medicated Oil is applied for a complete body massage! This is proved to be effective for Vatdosh in all age groups!
Effective for: Body & Mind relaxation, Rejuvenation, Skin Toning, Gain physical strength, Enhance blood circulation!

Sweden (Steam Bath)

The Steam of medicated water helps opening fine pores on skin allowing the natural excretion path and heat of steam dilates the blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through muscles which supplies more nourishment.
Therapy is useful To penetrate medicated oil in the skin & body tissues!
Effective on: 

Pain relief, Vata Shaman, Enhance blood circulation! Especially effective for Joint related disorders like Arthritis & Rh-Arthritis, Spondylitis & Paralysis! Also for Asthama & respiratory disorders! 
Swedan is done majorly in two ways – Sarvang (whole body) and Sthanik (local) with respect to the Panchakarma therapy. 



Vaman is a medicated emesis therapy which removes Kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract. 
The vaman therapy is useful for the patients with high Kapha imbalance. Treatment involves abhyanrar snehpaan for loosening and mobilizing the toxins in an effort to finally eliminate them by emesis.

Vamana is effective for:  
Vaman is useful in diseases caused by Kaf dushti i.e. imbalance of Kaf dosha in body.Chronic Cough, Asthama, Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchitis, ENT disorders, Skin disorders including psoriasis & cosmetic problems, Weight loss, Hyper acidity & Gastric problems with IBS, Hypertension & Diabetes.


Virechana is medicated purgation therapy which removes Pitta toxins from the body which are accumulated in all over body and concentrated in the liver. It completely detoxify the gastro-intestinal tract and help it to restore its normal activities.Virechan is useful in diseasaes related with the Pitta dushti i.e. imbalance of Pitta dosha in body. 

 Virechana is Effective for: Pitta dosha, Worm manifestation, Gastric problems, Blood purification, Jaundice & Hepatitis, Ascitis, Gynaec disorders, Infertility disorders in Male & Females, Urinary track disorders & chronic constipation.


Basti involves induction of medicines through anal route. Basti is considered as Ardh Chikitsa i.e. only one therapy that can cure the disease up to its Half with its effects. Basti detoxifies the Vat dosha in body and maintain the balance of the same doshas in body. Basti is also highly beneficial as a rejuvenating treatment. Medicated oil or ghee and an herbal decoctions are used in this therapy to rejuvenate the body cells.

 Basti is Effective for:  Constipation & gastro intestinal disorders, kidney! It is also effective for joint pain & lumbar disorders, Spinal cord disorders, pain in the neck region, weight loss & weight gain, vomiting and hyperacidity can also be cured by Basti karma! Uttar Basti is specialized process Beneficial for treating Infertility & unrinary disorders in male & females.


Nasya therapy is a process wherein the herbal oils and liquid medicines are administered through the nostrils.
Since nose is the gateway of the head, the therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases pertaining to the head.
The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation (prana), which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain.

Nasya is main process in punsavan vidhi during Garhasanskara! (See more information on Garbhasanskar)
The therapy is beneficial if done on a regular basis, because it keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy. It also prevents the early graying of hair and bear. It is effective on ENT disorders, Allergic conditions of Respiratory track, Increase height, Concentration, Sleeping disorders!


Rakta mokshan Literally meaning Blood Letting,
Raktamokshana is performed to eliminate the toxins from the bloodstream through the veins.
It is a safe, painless and highly effective form of Panchakarma.

Raktamokshana entails the refinement of blood, hence administered to treat disorders pertaining to skin, such as urticaria, rash, eczema, acne, scabies, leucoderma, chronic itching and hives. Enlarged liver, spleen, hemochromatosis and gout can also be cured by applying the blood letting therapy.

The therapy develops the immune mechanism in the blood system by stimulating the antitoxic substances in the blood stream. Barring a few exceptions such as people suffering from anemia, edema, weakness or those who are too young or too old, everybody can opt for Raktamokshana therapy.

Keralian Panchakarma

Pinda Sweda

It is the process in which certain medicinal puddings especially cooked with the rice in the form of boluses tied up in cotton cloth is applied to the affected body part to get the relief from pains, swelling etc. The Pinda Sweda is useful in Rhumatoid arthritis, Back ache, Lumbago, Neck pain, Spinal disorders and other Vaat Vyadhis .


This is a process of pouring themedicated oil on the body or the affected paft of disease in a specific technique. Taildhara is useful in relaxing the muscle tissues and also nourishes the nerve roots to rejuvenate them.

Kati Basti

Kati basti is very effective treatment for lower back pain. It is also useful in back pain related to spinal disc problems. A dam made of flour is placed on the lower back and special ayurvedic warm oil is poured into it to get warmth of the area. Kati basti is useful in Lower back ache, Spinal disorders, Sciatica and other back ache concerned diseaseas.

Greeva Basti

Greeva basti is done with special ayurvedic warm oils. Greeva means the neck. A dam made of flour is placed on the neck region and specific ayurvedic warm oil is poured into it. It relieves the pain and stiffness in neck region. Greeva basti is useful for Cervical Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Neck related disorders, Giddiness, Tingling and numbness in hands etc.

Janu Basti

Janu in Sanskrit means the Knee joint. Janu basti is specially designed for the treatment of Knee joint pain, Osteo arthritis of knee joints, Rhumatoid arthritis, Gout, and other conditions that make the severe pains in knee. A dam made of flour is placed over the affected knee joint and ayurvedic oil is poured into it to get the warmth of it to knee joint. This is a very effective treatment in keralian Panchakarma tharapies for knee joint pain.

Ayurveda Physician do Panchkarma after proper Ayurvedic examination of patients. Choice of Panchkarma therapy and Medication are depends on Patients age, gender, diseases and It changes according to atmosphere changes. Still so many aspects of Panchkarma is not given here, this is just overview of the therapies.For more detail you can contact us.


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