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Lord Shri Dhanvantari bhagwan Prayer

Lord Shri Dhanvantari bhagwan is god of Medicines.
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Shree dhanvantari bhagwan

All Ayurveda lovers worship this Sanskrit shlokas n prayers....

" शंखंचक्रंजलौकांदधतममृतघटंचारुदोर्भिश्चतुर्भिः।
सूक्ष्मस्वच्छातिह्र्द्यांशुकपरिविलसन मौलिमम्भोजनेत्रम॥
वन्दे धन्वन्तरिं तं निखिल गदवन प्रौढदावाग्निलीलम॥ "
Meaning of this shloka--->>
"One who bears in his attractive four hands- conch, circular weapon,
a set of leeches and a pot with ambrosia,
whose fine, shining and pure upper garment
makes him appear especially wonderful,
whose eyes are like lotus flower,
whose bright bodily luster is of the colour of a fresh rain cloud,
whose beautiful waist is adored by a magnificent yellow dress
and who burns away all diseases...
just like a forest fire,
to such Lord Dhanvantari,
I bow respectfully"

" ॐ नमः भगवतेय  महा सुदर्शनाय
वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरये I
अमृत कलश हस्ताय सर्व भय विनाशाय
सर्व रोग निवारणाय
त्रिलोक्य  पथ्याय त्रिलोक्य नित्याय
श्री महा विष्णु स्वरूपा
श्री धन्वन्तरि स्वरूपा
श्री श्री श्री
औषधा ; चक्र नारायण स्वहा II "

Meaning of this shlok--->>
"Obeisance unto the Supreme Bhagavan known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari,
The holder of the Kalasha full of nectar of immortality,
Who removes all fears, who remove all diseases…
The well wisher of the three worlds,
And sustainer of the three worlds,
He is Vishnu swarup,
By the name Dhanvantari empowered to heal the Jiva souls."

ॐ नमामि धन्वन्तरिं आदिदेवम I
सुरासुर वन्दिते पद पद्मम् II
लोके जरा रुक् भय मृत्यु नाशनम् I
धतर्मिशम् विविध औषधिनाम् II
Meaning is same as above said.

वन्दे धन्वन्तरि पदयुगुलम्
स्वीकृतकार्ये फलसिध्द्यर्थम् ll
बिभ्रत कलशम् अमृतपूर्णम्
चक्र जलौका तथा च शंखम् l
साक्षात् विष्णोर्भूमि अवतीर्णो
दातुं सौख्यप्रदानम् ll1ll
वन्दे धन्वन्तरि पदयुगुलम्...
सर्वे सन्तु निरामया हि
नन्दतु जगति सदा आरोग्यम् l
मा कश्चित् ननु दुःखमाप्नुयात्
देयं सौख्यप्रदानम् ll2ll

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Lord Dhanvantari - God Of Ayurveda

Dhanvantari is depicted as Vishnu with four hands, holding medical herbs in one hand and a pot containing rejuvenating nectar called amrita in another. A shankh and Jaluka in oher hands.The Puranas state that Dhanavantari emerged from the 'Ocean of Milk' and appeared with the pot of nectar.
D prayer in Sanskrit is like dat--->>
शंखम् चक्रं जलौकां
दधतमृतघटं चारुदोभीश्च्तुर्भि
शुक्ष्म स्वचानन्तिर्ध्यन्शुक् परिविलसन
मौलिमंभोजनेत्रं I
कटितटविलसतचारु पिताबर आढयं
वन्दे धन्वन्तरीं तम निखिलगदवन
प्रौढदावाग्निलीलम II

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Birth day celebration of Lord Dhanvantari ( the God of health, healing and cure ) is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happy environment, by Dr.Jigar Gor every year at his Treatment center  on Dhan Teras, two days before Deepwali, the Hindu festival of Lights.
The origins of the ancient healing science known as Ayurveda are lost in cosmic antiquity. According to the ancient text Caraka-samhita, this "Science of Life and Longevity" is eternal and is revealed in each universe in each of its infinite cycles of creation and destruction. This healing science is generally revealed by great sages or demigods. Occasionally, the Supreme Lord Himself descends as the avatara (incarnation) Dhanvantari and re-inaugurates the tradition of Ayurveda. This extremely rare appearance of God is recorded in the Vedic literature of ancient India.
He first appeared during the great churning of the cosmic milk ocean to deliver amrta (nectar) for the nourishment of the demigods. The churning of the milk ocean is one of the most famous episodes in Puranic history.
The second appearance occurred at the beginning of the reign of the current Manu in the second Dvapara-yuga, two billion years ago. Lord Vishnu foretold at the time of the churning that Dhanvantari would appear again in the human society and be offered sacrifices and worshipped by human beings. He would also teach them the science of Ayurveda. Dhanvantari at that time was residing in the heavens and Lord Indra seeing the misery of human beings afflicted by disease on earth, requested the Lord to teach Ayurveda to the human race.
Lord Dhanvantari was then born in the royal household of Kasi. He developed ascetic tendencies even as a young boy and performed severe austerities. Lord Brahmawith great difficulty persuaded Him to accept lordship over the city of Kasi and since then He bacame known as Kasi-raja. As a king He prepared the samhitas on Ayurveda in eight divisions for the benefit of humanity.
The Bhagavatam states "smrta-matrarti-nasanah" One who remembers the name of  Dhanvantari can be released from all disease.