Saturday, October 12, 2019

Avoid Health Possessiveness

Possessiveness of being healthy or phobia of illness both are very dangerous factors nowadays. Nowadays we people tends to become over possessive for their health and related matters.
We are watching and examining such patients in our routine consulting schedule. Recently a 32 yr old lady came to my clinic; she was suffering from mild chest pain since 3 months. Before my consulting she did self medication advised by her family friend but didn’t felt any relief. Then she suspects her illness as a big diseases and went to hospital where she pas through various and so many investigation and reports. But everything was normal, but she had still doubt, and so again she went to another diagnostic centre and done all the investigations again. Thus she did so many unnecessary expenses and took unnecessary medication also.
Another case is of possessiveness of being healthy, a 40 yr old man taking 4 different medications for Digestion, Heart trouble and to increase his memory power. Though he was totally healthy and don’t have related problems then also he wanna keep himself healthy.
Nowadays there is high flow of health related articles in news papers / on internet and everywhere, one just read it and starts following the so called “tips” for Healthy body. All this articles are for awareness, don’t follow them blindly. Always Consult the Ayurveda doctors and seek advise properly.
Some people think a lot if they don’t pass the stool in the morning.  And they become nervous, starts consuming medication n so on. Whole day they will think about their indigestion and finding the cause why they didn’t urge to pass the stool.  Sometime it seems funny but phobia of being ill or over cautious about your health leads to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and anger and so on.
One must take some caution of their health. But possessiveness or over cautious is dangerous for health.Some people tend to take multivitamins capsules every day. Overdose of vitamins and such medicines  are very dangerous for the health.  Some have doubt that they have cancer or aids or colitis or such big disease when they got simple fever or stomach ache or some little health problems.
It’s very true that one should take care of their health, But not this way. We must follow some rules of Day-night and seasons, that is described very nicely in Ayurveda Science under heading of Dincharya and Rutucharya
We must be punctual in our lifestyle; we must improve our habits to improve our health. And by this way we can live better healthy life. We must do yoga, Pranayam and exercise every day. Ayurveda is science where it teaches how to be healthy for long time. And Ayurveda describes various way to improve our Quality of life.
So go and consult your Ayurveda doctor to improve your health naturally, take medication according to their prescriptions and give them follow up regularly.
For Healthy life, always avoid self medication, don’t be over possessive for your health, but be cautious for your health. Take care….!