Thursday, January 20, 2022

Happiness is Key to Health

Happiness is good. It provides us with a sense of optimism, a “happy” attitude and a positivity that can be infectious. 😊

📝 According to a recent study, everyone attempts to find happiness in three ways: 

- Doing good for others,

- Doing things you’re good at and 

- Doing things that are good for you. 

💗 Moreover, those who are the most optimistic, are the happiest overall.

happiness is closely tied to being happy with your job, your closest relationships and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally.

😊 Effects of Happiness on Your Health:

For most people, happiness is a sense of purpose and well-being. This positive attitude translates to a variety of effects on a person’s health both physically and mentally, including:

👍 Opening a person’s mind to positivity: Optimism and vitality are critical to a person’s well-being.

💡 Improving a person’s problem-solving ability: Positive-minded individuals believe they “can” and want to achieve their goals.

💪🏼 Building physical, intellectual and social resources: This allows people to learn better because they seek other positive-minded people.

♥️ Protecting your health: Happiness lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease, lowers your blood pressure, enables better sleep, improves your diet, allows you to maintain a normal body weight through regular exercise and reduces stress.

People weighed down with labor, performing great works, accumulating knowledge, struggling to be spiritual and yet they had forgotten the one thing : "happiness! "

- which alone gives life to the mind and nourishment to the heart. 

There can be no health except in




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